These days we can access more and more online systems. However, should we say access or get access to as in the following example:

  • You can access your account by clicking this link.
  • You can get access to your account by clicking this link.

I personally prefer the access form, but I'm afraid I might be making a mistake and the proper form is get access to.

Also, are continuous forms of access and get access to allowed e.g.

  • I am accessing my account now
  • I am getting access to my account now

Which is correct?


As for me, Getting access would mean Obtaining credentials. You click this link to have an OTP or a token or a password sent to you. After you got access, you can use it to access the account itself.

Same with continuous:

  • I am accessing my account now, logging into it and about to start using it (or even using it right now)
  • I am getting access to my account, I'm on the phone with the administrator and they are resetting my password, or making sure my current IP is allowed through the firewall.

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