I'm translating Primer to Hebrew subtitles, but I just can't understand how to express this sentence. I'm not sure what it means in its context. Here it is:

Meticulous, yes. Methodical. Educated.
They were these things.
Nothing extreme. Like anyone, they varied.
There were days of mistakes
and laziness and infighting. And there were days, good days,
when by anyone's judgment...
they would have to be considered clever.

Can anyone please try to explain it to me, or give another sentence with the same meaning?


Like anyone, they were inconsistent.


Different forms of like anyone/ any other are usually used as a comparison to show similarity in the actions, behaviors or characteristics of different people or things. For example:

Just like any other child, John enjoyed playing outside with his friends.


Just like any other parent, Mary was concerned about her children's safety.


Like any other vacuum, the Xonic MXWRE32 made a lot of noise and scared the cat.


This website claims to be the script.

Given the context they are some set of entities that varied. I.e, they were not all alike. They differed in some way or ways.


Given the context, a more wordy way to phrase it would be, "Just like other people, they had moods that changed from day to day."

  • Good catch @stangdon. I've corrected it. – RebelTech Nov 6 '15 at 16:20

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