Which option fits best for the following question.

Unfortunately this model ..... to be the most unpopular the company had ever produced.





For me the option C looks fine but the answer is D.Is the given answer correct? Prove reminds me of scientific theories whereas something can turn to be in unexpected end.

and how about

Unfortunately this model turn out to be the most unpopular the company had ever produced

Is this sentence sound ok?

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Your variant with "turned out" is actually good and fits well. There is, however, a distinct difference between "turned" and "turned out", making the former not a good choice in the original sentence.

The answer "proved" is the most fitting from the given choices.

Unfortunately this model proved to be the most unpopular the company had ever produced.

The word "developed" doesn't fit supposedly because a "model" does not develop by itself once it goes into production. (It can develop something else, like a cult following, and the sentence does not have an object suitable for that verb.)

The word "marketed" doesn't fit because the verb "market" means the activity of humans related to a "model", but not of the model itself.

The word "turned" doesn't fit because without the preposition "out" it has a different meaning than with it.

The word "proved" is the most suitable because that's an action the model can take after it is produced.

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