How to write the address in a letter when the recipients of the letter are a combination of males and females? Imagine that you had a meeting with a couple of your colleagues, males and females and then you draft minutes and you wanna send the letter to each one of the participants. So what do you put in " CC" in the letter Mr.A, Mrs. B, Mr. C etc


I usually use:

"Dear Mesdames/Messrs.,"

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to expound this answer (you may proceed to research on your own or wait for other better answers.)

NOTE: Business writing should be succinct to begin with.

On your question - re: CC: to person A, person B, person C, why not just indicate in the letter that copies were provided to all the 'members', 'attendees', etc.? [whichever is appropriate]

NOTE: A list of attendees and absentees is normally included in minutes of meetings.

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