If I want to say that there are two people and each one of them is found in other side of the house. What is the correct way to say it?

1) There are two people in each side of the house

2) There are two people in each sides of the house

And by the way (in the same topic), are the two following sentences equal to the previous two - in the aspect of the meaning?

1) There is one person in each side of the house.

2) There is one person in each sides of the house.

  • Each and every are distributive; you're considering each side individually. – snailplane Nov 14 '15 at 4:51

Two people on each side means two people on this side and two people on that side—four people in all (if there are two sides).

What you mean is one person on each side, one on this side and one on that.

If you have not already explained that two sides are involved, you need to say so explicitly:

There is one person on each of the two sides. OR There are two people, one on each of the two sides.

  • By the way, is it always "on" each side or it depends on the context? (For example: "there are two bones in the face, one ON each of the sides" – Judicious Allure Nov 14 '15 at 2:44
  • @Assiduous On is usual with sides of anything: houses, walls, borders, &c. In is OK if the situation you are describing might be misunderstood as referring to the outside of the house, but ordinarily you will have provided a context which will make clear that you are speaking of "partitioning" an interior space. – StoneyB on hiatus Nov 14 '15 at 2:53
  • @Assiduous English is odd - you have to be careful. You ride on the bus (not in the bus), and you sit on the left side of the bus, but you would also say that you go for a ride in the car, even though you would sit on the right side of the car. The rules aren't always clear. Where is Joe? : He's in the house, on this side – J... Nov 14 '15 at 11:28

Each is used before a singular noun and a singular verb/pronoun is used for it.

Each item consists of 10 questions. (if there are two items, there are 20 questions)

Each of these people has some useful talent.

Each component can be replaced separately if it breaks.

As the comments point, you're considering each item individually. Then:

There is one person on each side

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