A: You're, um your husband's death?

B: Yes.

A: Dating again?

C: Objection. This certainly has no relevance.

A: All objections have been waived till the trial, except for the form of the question, sport. This your first deposition?

C: This is not my first deposition.

A: Well, then play by the rules. Don't make me move for costs, which she'll end up paying.

From Boston Legal Season 1 Episode 2

What does "the form of the question" mean in this dialogue or context?

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When a witness is examined during a deposition or a trial, there are restrictions on which questions can be asked by the lawyers. If the other side feels that those restrictions aren't met, they can object to the question. Here is a list of common objections to the form of a question; a question could be too vague, or already answered before. (Why does this remind me of the close vote review queue?) You see that the reasons are quite diverse; they don't have a common denominator. In the end, these restrictions are all necessary to guarantee a fair and objective testimony.

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