"No," Tyrion admitted,"not me. I seldom even dream of dragons anymore. There are no dragons."

I encountered this sentence in The Game of Thrones. Is "seldom...anymore" equal to "not anymore"? Therefore, this sentence means Tyrion didn't dream of dragon. I feel confused because according to the context of this chapter, Tyrion said he was mad about dragon and he used to imagine it.

  • No, it means seldom- not very often- rarely. Anymore can be thought of as these days or nowadays, at this point in my life Tyrion rarely dreams of dragons now.
    – Jim
    Nov 18, 2015 at 5:06

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Seldom means rarely, so it's not as strong as "never". "The sentence literally means "I used to dream about dragons, but now I rarely dream about dragons". The implication is that he did not dream about dragons in the recent past.

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