When I sit to write, I first think about what I would write if the choice of topic were up to me.

I googled to search the meaning of up to me. I got a song starting with it, but I didn't find its meaning.


You have to look up up to:

the responsibility or choice of (someone): 'It was up to them to gauge the problem', 'No one is forcing them to make a difference here, it is really up to individual choice'

And it could mean decided by someone.

"If the choice of topic were up to me" could be rephrased to:

'if I had the responsibility to choose a topic', 'if I were responsible for choosing a topic' or 'if I were (was) the one to decide what (which) topic to choose'

[Oxford Online Dictionary, The Free Dictionary]


In this context, it means "if the decision was mine to make", if it was my responsibility to choose.

Chambers entry:

up to someone: their responsibility; dependent on them • It's up to you.

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