I speak Hebrew, and here we have a saying:

Thinks one thing and says the other.

It means that he is a hypocrite. I looked all over the internet to find a similar idiom in English and came up short.

I think maybe "two faced" is a way of expressing a hypocrite, but I wanted to check if there would be any more idiom with the same meaning.

Sorry for my poor English, and thanks for your help!

  • I googled for "duplicity idioms" and found this. "Double dealing" looks nice. A related question: What is an idiom/slang for “someone who pretends to be good when they're not”? Nov 28 '15 at 8:21
  • In English, a hypocrite is someone that does or believes the things that they criticize other people for doing/believing - is that the same nuance that you're looking for? Thinking one thing and saying something else seems more like duplicity as @CopperKettle mentioned or insincerity.
    – ColleenV
    Nov 28 '15 at 13:56
  • There's also "speaks with forked tongue", although that implies actual bad will and not just casual hypocrisy, in my opinion.
    – stangdon
    Nov 28 '15 at 15:01

That is also an idiom in English, although "...says one thing and does another" is a much more common phrase.

"Two-faced" means that the person will show a different attitude or view when speaking to different people.

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