What a morning-fresh as if issued to children on the beach

from 'Mrs Dalloway'Virginia Woolf

I checked the meaning in the dictionary, It says'to officially make a statement, give an order,warning'

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Actually, that should be What a morning–fresh as if issued to children on the beach. The distinction here is the use of an 'em dash' as opposed to a dash or en dash or hyphen, which fools us into thinking it is a hyphenated word, "morning-fresh" (which I kind of like, but that's not what Woolf wrote).

To your question, fresh as if issued to children at the beach can simply be rephrased as "fresh as if given to children at the beach".


What a morning - fresh as if issued to children on the beach

If you look in Chambers 21st Century Dictionary under issue you will find:

1 to give or send out, distribute, publish or make available, especially officially or formally.
2 (usually issue someone with something) to supply them with the required item, eg an official document.

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