It is good for health ________ us to get up early.

a. for
b. of

Someone posted this question in our Q/A board (we are non native). We don't know which answer is correct. I think the answer is 'of' but others say the answer is 'for'. What is the answer in this sentence?

It will be easy if the sentences are the following:

It is good for us to get up early.
It is good for health to get up early.
It is good for our health to get up early.

But this sentence has both 'us' and 'health'.

I think 'for health for us (double for)' sounds somewhat awkward to me. So I think the anwer is 'of' (for health of us) but someone says if you use 'of' the sentence should have 'the' (for the health of us). Is 'the' necessary if I use 'of'?

So what is the answer? (He had originally posted this question and already chose the answer as 'for', but I still wonder if the answer is 'of'. Am I wrong?

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    Few people would phrase it like that - not least because the two occurrences of for sound a bit clunky (and of is probably "ungrammatical" anyway). Normal phrasing would be It is healthy [for us] to get up early (where for us would usually be omitted). Dec 17 '15 at 20:06
  • Is this sentence taken from a book or website? Can you provide the source?
    – Schwale
    Dec 17 '15 at 20:42
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    I prefer to use "our health" rather "health of us", by the way
    – Cardinal
    Dec 17 '15 at 21:00
  • I also find the phrasing "It is good for health" to be a little stilted. "It is good for our health" or "one's health" or "the health" sounds better to my ear.
    – stangdon
    Dec 17 '15 at 22:53

I am going to try a "socractic" answer by answering with a question.

Let's look at the sentence with the pieces of the predication reversed and without the so-called "dummy" or "expletive" It:

________ us to get up early is good for health.

The predicate: "is".

The predicate complement: {good for (our) health}.

The subject-phrase: {________ us to get up early}.

So now which works better there?

Of us to get up early is good for our health.

For us to get up early is good for our health.

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