Is it acceptable to say:

"Floor 10"?

Or should we always say:

"the 10th Floor"?

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    It's fine. But don't say "floor ground". Dec 20, 2015 at 18:27

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It is acceptable to say or write "Floor 10"; in the U. S., it is commonly used that way in writing an address in business correspondence and on envelopes for mailing. Writing "the 10th Floor" is also acceptable.

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    It may be acceptable, but I would hardly agree that it is common (ngram). I personally never have seen this usage on written correspondence (U.S.) This does contrast with "Room 10" or "Suite 10," both of which would be standard.
    – Steven Littman
    Dec 20, 2015 at 22:43

Yes, it is acceptable to say:

"Floor 10".

We may not always say:

"the 10th Floor".


I'm agreeing with the other answers that say "Yes". Context can also affect the likely answer.

If I am near the swimming pool on the ground floor, and I ask where the gift shop is, people are probably more likely to say "the second floor".

If I am in an elevator, and somebody asks me which floor I'm going to, I am more likely to say "Floor two" (or perhaps just "two").

Both are acceptable in either case. I suppose that the difference is in expectations. If there is a clear reason why a person would expect a floor number, "floor two" would seem more natural/common. If a person isn't necessarily expecting a reference to a floor, then "the second floor" just feels more natural/common. (This may just be my own opinion, rather than a universal rule that most people would be likely to agree with.)

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