— Did you do your homework?
— Taken care of.

Is this a normal response or rarely used?


I wouldn't describe it as "normal" or "rare". I'd call it "niche", or possibly "trendy".

The "normal" response might be:

Yes, I took care of my homework.

However, more "terse" responses might include:

  • Check.
  • Done.
  • Finished.
  • Taken care of.

Words and phrases like this often crop up, rise in popularity, and then temper off. They often become popular among a younger demographic first. (In recent years, I've been introduced to some new and "epic" words and phrases from my kids and their friends.)

I can't remember anyone ever saying "Taken care of" when I've asked if they've completed a task (hence, I'm hesitant to call it "normal"). Yet it's not so foreign that I couldn't figure out what it meant (therefore, I wouldn't want to call it "rare," either).

A more verbose (yet equally slangy) response might include:

  • I've crossed that off my to-do list.
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Yes, it is a normal use. "Taken care of" can often be given as a reply to the status of a routine task like homework.

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Not to be contrary, but I don't use it as a normal response. I do, however,use such a phrase when I am in my mothering or teacher-modes...and I am both.

To me, the into,iced message is one of suggesting responsibility for a task. Otherwise, a simple, "did you... ?" should suffice.

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