Suppose I have been given a sentence to rewrite it without changing its meaning. Then I tried my best to write another form of given sentence. And after writing my sentence I went to the person, who has given the sentence, to ask him- Whether my sentence is right or wrong and whether it conveys the same meaning or not. Can I use the following sentence to ask him? i.e, does the following sentence make any sense?

  • If I write the above sentence in the following way, do you think that the following sentence can be considered as a correct with having similar meaning of your given sentence/ with having as like as meaning that your sentence has. (I want to say this sentence to this person).

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A paraphrase is a rewording that conveys the same meaning. You can say:

Is this an accurate paraphrase of your sentence?: ___


Not bad. I would say:

If I write the above sentence in the following way, do you think that this sentence can be considered as correct, having a meaning similar to your given sentence?

this sentence - you don't need to repeat "following sentence" as it is already understood.

correct is not a noun, so no article is used.

Instead of like use similar and rephrase a bit.


In any language praising a person would draw attention towards you.So if you are referring a well esteemed Lecturer or professor you can ask him in this way

May i have the honor to know whether this sentence is conveying the same meaning as prior sentence.

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