This is the story of ma Baker the meanest cat from old Chicago town

She was the meanest cat

In old Chicago town

She was the meanest cat

She really mowed them down

She had no heart at all.

What the words "mean" and "mowed somebody down" mean here? I really need to translate this to Farsi, but in order to translate I should understand it first. Could you paraphrase it and ecplain the use of the highlighted words here, please? Mow somebody down, is it idiom? Does the word "mean" here mean "wild" ? Am I right?

  • "this lyrics" is wrong. "lyrics" is a plural noun. It can mean the text of one song or several songs. Correct: these lyrics. - One of the numerous numerus particularities in English. I'm wondering whether "song text" wouldn't be simpler and better than "lyrics". – rogermue Dec 26 '15 at 6:44

Mean is used as a synonym for unkind, spiteful or cruel. The -est is a Superlative:


1 : of, relating to, or constituting the degree of grammatical comparison that denotes an extreme or unsurpassed level or extent

In this case, meanest is as mean as mean can get.

Mowed is the past-tense for to mow.



1.cut down (an area of grass) with a machine

The common expression is, "I'm going out to mow the lawn." It is a weekend ritual in suburban areas during the warmer months.

Mowed them down is being used as an idiom comparing how she casually killed people to the ease of pushing a lawn mower.

That's one mean cat.


"To mow down people" is a metaphor. If a gangster mows down a lot of people in a busy street with his submachine gun this evokes the picture of a farmer mowing a wheat field with his scythe. The stalks fall down with one stroke.

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