I expect question and debate those ideas which interest me.

Is it expect "to" or just "expect"?



The proper form is

I expect to question and debate those ideas which interest me.

It's clear from the context that question and debate are verbs. Hence, the verb expect is followed by other verbs. When a verb is followed by another verb, it's called a catenative verb.

Most catenative verbs are followed either by a to-infinitive or a gerund-participial. Sometimes a verb can be followed by either, with no major difference in meaning:

It began to rain.
It began raining.

For other verbs and contexts, there might be a difference in meaning.

Finally, there are some verbs that can be followed by a bare infinitive, but expect does not belong to their number. The most common example is help:

I helped pack her bags.
I helped question and debate those ideas which interested me.

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