This past Saturday, I spent hours photographing some of the 14,000 peaceful antigovernment protestors. It took me back to my experiences at the demonstrations over the lifting of the ban on U.S. imported beef after a case of mad cow disease in 2008. In both cases, there was much going on, beyond the apparent demands.

link: http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/Article.aspx?aid=3012538

What's the meaning of "beyond the apparent demands" in this article?

I searched the meaning of 'demand' in the dictionary, and I'm not sure which one suits in the context above.

6.the act of demanding.

7.something that is demanded.

8.an urgent or pressing requirement:demands upon one's time.

9.Economics.the desire to purchase, coupled with the power to do so.the quantity of goods that buyers will take at a particular price.

10.a requisition; a legal claim:The demands of the client could not be met.

11.the state of being wanted or sought for purchase or use:an article in great demand.

12.Archaic. inquiry; question.

Source: dictionary.com

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In your example, the demands were conditions what the protestors were seeking and they were trying to make them as visible or apparent as possible. These would be the

apparent demands

Beyond the apparent demands means additional elements may be at play. These are sometimes referred to as

beneath the surface
multiple moving parts

So possibly, the specific protest for the beef ban lifting was about US beef, however the subtext may have been other fears of greater competition across many other industries in general.

The phrase is not about the demands per se, but using the demands as a frame of reference.

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