Which one is correct?

Suppose/assume that X equals 1, we know X+1=2.


Supposing/assuming that X equals 1, we know X+1=2.

It seems to me that using present participles makes more grammatical sense, but I've seen the first expression being used as well.

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    In math, I always view "Suppose" as an If/Then scenario. I intuitively make it, "... we then know..." – lurker Jan 5 '16 at 7:06

In maths the forms suppose or assume are widely used.

The last part of the sentence is strange, though. I'd just use then x + 1 = 2.

then is an implication, as lurker said, the first condition must be triggered for the next step to work.

supposing or assuming are often used when you have some of work behind, not when you want to stablish a simple result. They are often used with an adverb like finally, eventually, etc.

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