I would like to ask a question related to management of natural resources.

Let's say that in one area more management approaches have been used during the last decades. Sometimes even contrary to each other. Maybe the term 'chaotic' would be good, but I think the term 'chaos' should be used when the system is chaotic. Whereas in this case, it was caused by human interactions with the natural systems.

If I would like to describe this time period as one event, should I use the term changing management strategies? I.e. it was not the same throughout this period.

Or should I use differential management strategies?, i.e. it changed according to some other conditions.

I suppose that the term dichotomous management is only for two contradicting events.


I'm really uncertain about what your context actually is about. But I'll provide you with a few possible words you could use for 'changing strategies'.

  • Altering Strategies
  • Varying Strategies
  • Shifting Strategies

... a confusion of management strategies ...

  2. A situation in which things are messy, badly organized, or not clear.

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