The word "re-combobul-ate" what does mean ?!

For example (( "re-combobul-ate" area ))

And could anyone recommended a website that can help me to define a new words slang and using by native speakers ..?

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    You need to add an example (or a dictionary definition) where the word is actually used, to indicate that it is an actual word, not made up. – user3169 Jan 9 '16 at 21:53

It looks like it's derived from the word discombobulate, which Oxford Dictionaries defines as "Disconcert or confuse". Since recombobulate replaces the negative prefix "dis" with "re", I expect it means "stop [someone] being disconcerted or confused", perhaps by providing an explanation or reassurance.


Discombobulate is the original nonsense word. It was an invented word. It means 'to destroy, tear apart, fragment'. So to re-combobulate is to recombine, make good what was destroyed, or to undo a bad action.

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