Here is the sentence that I don't know the meaning exactly. I know the meaning of 'give point', which means like 'accent' and I know the meaning of both 'protracted' and 'description' but I can't translate both together.

It does not seem an unreasonable expectation that something will follow which will give some point to this rather protracted description of Simon Lee.


The protracted description is a long and verbose explanation of Simon Lee, which could be TL;DR in internet shorthand.

In your passage, to give some point to means to give a reason to.

I can see your point

The reader is expecting a good point to be made after enduring such a lengthy description, otherwise it all would have been pointless.

  • @Peter- You nailed the answer. As an aside, what does TL;DR mean? This is the second time I've seen it. – Mark Hubbard Jan 10 '16 at 21:52
  • 1
    T oo L ong ;D on't R ead can be found here – Peter Jan 10 '16 at 21:53

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