At the end of Ant-Man (2015), Michael Peña's character Luis delivers a typical rambling story to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd):

The scene can be seen from youtube. The following are the transcripts from wiki:

Luis: Okay. Sorry, sorry. I’m ju… you know, uh, I just get excited and stuff. But anyway, anyway. When Ignacio tells me: “Yoh, I met this crazy fine writer chick at this spot last night. Like, fine, fine, crazy stupid fine.” And he goes up to the bartender and goes: “Look at the girl I’m with? You know what I’m sayin’? She’s crazy stupid fine, right?” [we see flashback to Ignacio meeting the girl and talking to the bartender who is in fact Stan Lee] And the bartender’s all like: “Yeah, crazy stupid fine.” So this writer chick tells Ignacio: “Yoh, I’m like a boss in the world of guerrilla journalism, and I got mad connects with the peeps behind the curtains. You know what I’m sayin’?” Ignacio’s like: “For real? And she’s like: Yeah. You know what, I can’t tell you who my contact is, because he works with the Avengers.”

Scott Lang: Oh, no.

Luis: Yeah, and this dude sounds like a bad-ass, man. Like he comes up to her and says… [we see flashback of the girl meting up with Sam Wilson in a park] “Yoh, I’m looking for this dude who’s no one seen, who’s flashing this fresh tack, who’s got, like, bomb moves, right? Who you got? She’s like: “Well, we got everything nowadays, we got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the walls. You gotta be more specific.” And he’s like: “I’m looking for a guy who shrinks.” And I’m like: “Damn!” [to Scott] I got all nervous cause I keep mad secrets for you, bro. So I asked Ignacio: “Did bad-ass tell the stupid fine writer chick to tell you to tell me because I’m tight with that man, that he’s looking for him?”

Scott Lang: And? What’d he say?

Luis: He said yes.

I don't quite understand these slangish expressions. I think the contextual meaning of mad is close to real, serious.

Bomb moves seems to me to literally mean unusual moves.

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    mad ~ a lot; bomb ~ cool; I'm not sure about tack though. – Damkerng T. Jan 15 '16 at 22:04
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Mad is closer to "unbelievable" or "surprising" here. Urban Dictionary has this for a few categories where I'd see this as similar to "mad skills" personally.

I got unbelievable connections

I got amazing connections

Bomb is similar as "something very cool/ good"

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