What are the differences between "boxer", "trunk", and "brief"?

Here is the sentence:

I'm not a fan of long boxers, I prefer trunks or briefs.


These are various types of men's underwear.

The differences are to do with the length of the legs and the looseness of the fit.

  • Boxer shorts are looser fitting and have longer legs. (Like the shorts that boxers wore)
  • Trunks are tighter and have shorter legs.
  • Briefs are tight fitting and have no legs, just leg holes.
  • While I agree with the above point, there is a difference between boxer briefs and briefs. Briefs are exactly as the answer describes whereas boxer briefs have longer leg than trunks but are equally as tight, they also generally have a 3-panel system for comfort. There are a lot of men's underwear out there and I think it can get quite confusing. – user29650 Feb 2 '16 at 14:18

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