Shouldn't that be a good thing, telling somebody, "no thanks required"?

Sure looks like it went over, too. Look at you. You're sure making the rounds.

I found this line from the movie, As Good As It Gets, and I'm curious about this phrase "it went over".

"went over" has various meanings such as 'look at(documents) carefully', 'to study or explain', but I think they don't match in the dialogue I quoted.

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From the passage, it seems someone (let's say Carol) has done something for someone, was thanked, and replied

No thanks required

This was probably met with a smile from the person doing the thanking.

The person Carol is speaking with says

Sure looks like it went over
Sure looks like it went over (well)
Sure looks like it went over (a treat)

Meaning what Carol said was well received, her reply was approved

The expression

something go over description

is used to describe a reaction to the mentioned something

The new play went over well with the critics
The acting went over like a lead balloon

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