I mean the type of person who likes to communicate with others and does so easily, and joins group activities easily. Could one call him a "social person"?

For example: "I'm a social person"

Someone was using it in a discussion, but I was not sure if it was correct.

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A social person is perfectly correct. Or here is a brief list of synonyms you could also use.

  • (noun) a social person
  • (adj) social
  • (noun) a socialite
  • (noun) an extrovert
  • (adj) extroverted
  • (noun) a social butterfly
  • (adj.) outgoing
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    I don't think "socialite" is an appropriate word here. See Wikipedia. A socialite is a member of the leisure class who spends significant amounts of time entertaining and attending entertainment rather than working.
    – Daniel
    Jul 10, 2013 at 15:12

I would call this person an extrovert. But you can definitely use social person as well.


Common terms are:



friendly (not exactly the same meaning, but often used that way)

gregarious (not very commonly used)


"Social Person" sounds odd to me.

"I'm a people person", "I'm good with people" or "I'm a social butterfly" all sound better to my ear.


Such a person could be described as a "communicative" person.


Sorry for snooping! But I think communicative is more realistic to describe the ability to communicate with others, so it's a skill, and not necessarily describes the personality which requires more than that because it's combination of bunch of aspects and skills therefore using phrases like social person and extroverted or even butterfly would be perfect in description of that type of people.

  • Your answer could be improved by giving reference for the information you are giving.
    – fev
    Jun 24, 2021 at 12:31

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