Excerpted from chronicle.com:

Plato gave arguments for why Greeks, under the pressures of war, couldn’t treat other Greeks in abominable ways, pillaging and razing their cities and taking the vanquished as slaves.

Though these sentences read fluently and are understandable, I think grammatically it should be those vanquished, because it then can be paraphrased to those who are vanquished. If it uses the, then vanquished become a noun which it's not.

Am I correct? Or it's OK to use like the original.

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    I don't know about "correctness"... but it's done all the time... so it's certainly acceptable.
    – Catija
    Feb 4, 2016 at 3:51

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The usage of a verbal noun is correct in the original example

those vanquished are called the vanquished.

those chosen are called the chosen

the is necessary to change the adjective

those who are vanquished
those who are chosen

into a noun

the vanquished
the chosen

either can be used without loss of understanding

the vanquished as slaves

those vanquished as slaves
those who were vanquished as slaves

the same is true for

the young
the old
the rich
the poor
the homeless
the 1%
the English

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