Which is correct?

I wrote a guideline of 5 questions


I wrote a guideline with 5 questions

or something else?

It is just about the prepositon. Nevermind that questions doesn't fit to guideline.

Thanks in advance!


Either one can work. I'd interpret the first as having a word elided or implied:

I wrote a guideline [consisting] of 5 questions

while the other uses with as meaning "to have" – in other words, for the purpose of saying what possessions, qualities, or features someone or something has:

  • a girl with red hair
  • a room with a high ceiling

In this case, that "something" is the guideline you wrote:

  • a guideline with five questions

If you give a rule, instruction, or information on how to solve the five questions, you usually use the preposition 'on' or 'for' after the noun guideline, though the use of the preposition of/with is also possible grammatically.

I wrote a guideline on/for 5 questions.

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