Is my sentence below correct?:

Nobody thinks that he is inferior if not superior, hence there is no point in looking down on anyone except expecting their retaliation

could I also say:

... except expect their retaliation

secondly, instead of "in looking down" could I say "no point to look down?" if yes should I later say " except to expect ..."?

  • any response those who have some idea please? Feb 21, 2016 at 14:56

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After "There is no ..." follows a gerund. You can't use a to-infinitive.

  • There is no mistaking American English for Britisch English.
  • There is no stopping him.
  • There is no point in denying it.

The expression is "There is no point in sth/in doing sth. You can't drop "in" and add a to-infinitive.

Gerund follows also after some expressions with "It is ..." as

  • It is no use doing (dg) sth / It is not much use dg sth
  • It is useless dg sth
  • It is no good dg sth / It is not much good dg sth
  • It is worth while reading the book.

From my old school grammar.

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