Which one is correct?

She's 13 in this picture


She's 13 on this picture?

Or any other way of saying "she was 13 years old when the picture of her was taken"

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    In, not on (American English). Apparently you are asking only about the preposition. But your sentences could be used both to make a guess or state a fact regarding the girl's age.
    – GoDucks
    Feb 13, 2016 at 4:23

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Like others have said, a person, place, or thing in a picture or painting is always in it.

"The girl is 13 years old in the picture."

"There is a church in the picture."

If you are talking about something related to the physical picture itself (usually the surface) you would use on. For example:

"There is a scratch on the picture."

"There is some dirt on the picture."

"Somebody wrote on the picture."

However there are even some exceptions to this:

"The picture has a tear in it."


In is used since her image is part of the picture (enclosed or surrounded by).

The picture itself is usually on the surface of something:

photographic paper
a display device

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