An employee can direct questions to individuals, content contributors, or in a place and receive one or more responses. Often, those receiving the question are known by the questioner, and pre-qualified as a helpful resource. For example, they may turn to a team member for an answer, or contact a corporate support resource, such as the IT help desk or HR benefits team.

In the last sentence there is "HR benefits team", I know that what HR team means. HR stand for human resource. but here benefits using "ambiguse" for me,


If you are in a large company, the HR department may be more than only one person and subdivided into several teams. The benefits team would handle things like medical benefits, pension schemes, and time-off issues.

On the other hand, your company may be giving the name HR Benefits Team to your HR department as an internal naming convention. Other names that might be used are: Human Capital Management or Employee Benefits

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