There are also powerful network effects created by these conversations, whether they’re between corporate communicators and employees, or peers asking and answering questions. Having “out loud” conversations for employees to discover and join multiplies the information exchange value.

I don't think that it mean "speak loudly" here.

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    I think it's also about giving employees the opportunity to speak out loud and feel heard. I think it has more than just they literal meaning here. – shawnt00 Feb 20 '16 at 16:53
  • OK. I think you are right. it is better – coder android Feb 20 '16 at 19:17

To speak

out loud

is to speak loud enough so that people who are not part of your conversation can overhear it.

Your passage is probably using it as a metaphor for some sort of discussion forum (chat rooms, town halls, company gatherings) where people from different parts of the company and different disciplines can join and contribute to a discussion.

In this context out loud has the meaning to be public so people can become aware of the optics being discussed.

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