I am coding one template in my job, and this time the client is from Canada.

This template is going to the version three, because of some adjusts...

In the last review, they wrote about one scroll animation:


The speed is good

remove the lock in place > Allow for continuous scrolling.

The lock in place isnt reacting well
Too glitchy - Too sensitive

I had never seen the glitchy word before, then I googled it and found this meaning.

To me, this word looks like an air of some intentional thinking behind it. I don't know! Then, I am asking:

Is it just another normal word just uncommon in use? Or has it another feeling behind, like disappointment maybe?

And where is it commom to use?


  • It just means error prone.
    – user3169
    Commented Feb 17, 2016 at 20:25

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The use of glitchy here seems to mean jumpy.

Your scrolling animation is too sensitive (from the text) and so might appear to the user to jump up and down instead of a smooth steady scroll where their eye can follow the lines their reading s it scrolls. Instead, the screen will appear to jump, and the user has to find their place again.

Glitchy has a static-y, jump-y feel to it, like when a gear catches then slips then catches again, having an intermittent and not continuous feel.

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