My grandmother, whose 75, still goes swimming every day. (original)
My grandmother, who is 75, still goes swimming every day. (correction)

We have a dog which name is Groucho. (original)
We have a dog, whose name is Groucho. (correction)

  • Not quite correct. The last sentence should not have a comma in it. – Andy Schweig Feb 20 '16 at 4:02

Yes, both of the corrections are correct.

We use whose like this:

My grandmother, whose dog is named "Groucho", still goes swimming every day.

and we use who is like this:

Groucho, who is my grandmother's dog, goes swimming every day.

In sentences like,

We have a dog which/whose name is Groucho

Your teacher or book wants to teach that we should use whose to stand for people, animals, and things. If we want to use a pronoun to stand for a person, however, we should not use which.

We have a horse whose name is "Star."

My brother build a barn, which is Star's home.

Note that who's is the contraction for who is, so we could also use Groucho, who's my grandmother's dog ....

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    +1 But I suspect OP's real confusion is with whose / who's. – StoneyB Feb 20 '16 at 12:46

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