Trust and relationships have always been proxies for influence. Earning attention is largely based on developing authentic relationships and contributing value. While forming relationships with any Line of Business (LOB) has always been important, it may be time to reassess these relationships and invest the time and efforts to create deeper partnerships. Your best bet is to always strive to understand what truly motivates and drives your LOB partners’ decisions, behaviors and successes. Then evaluate ways to help to amplify their efforts.

I know it means "An LOB (line-of-business) is a general term that describes the products or services offered by a business or manufacturer." but here "LOB partners’ decisions" it is not clear


LOB is jargon for the departments, divisions, or workgroups within a large organization or business "enterprise", or even for the enterprise as an integrated whole consisting of interoperating parts, with which the I.T. department (or outside consultancy) establishes a working relationship and for which it develops software or implements information-related solutions.

LOB applications is a buzzword that has been more or less been synonymous with "vertical applications" and "enterprise applications" since it first appeared on the scene in the mid 1980s.

Here's one from PC Magazine, May 1994

 PC Magazine, May 1994

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