I was trying to buy something on internet , I had to check out to finish .I tried to check out and it did not work. So I decided to email the seller and wrote: "Once you have pressed the check out button , this is appearing " our site is not set up to accept internet payment;"

Is present continuous justified here because when the site is fixed we won't see this message.


There is a better way of writing it. Present Progressive has several usages, including:

1) to describe an action starting in the past and continuing to this time.

e.g. "I'm busy right now. I'm doing my homework."

e.g. "I'm reading a great book."

2) to describe a future arrangement

e.g. "I'm having lunch with the chairman this afternoon."

3) It can be used with if, and while in dependent clauses for a future reference.

e.g. "If he's sleeping when you get there, wake him up."

What you are describing sounds like a pesky pop-up that continually reappears whenever you try to complete a payment.

Habitual actions are best described using simple present tense.

So, your sentence would be better written:

"Everytime I press the check out button, the pop-up "Our site is not set up to accept internet payment" appears.

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