I know the "as well" at the end of a sentence is the same as "too" but I'm wondering if it sounds natural enough in informal conversations (in American English).

  • I used to have this problem as well ...
    – Glorfindel
    Commented Feb 23, 2016 at 8:35

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There's nothing to worry about with using "as well" itself as part of a normal mixture of wordings. Completely normal as long as it doesn't somehow draw attention to itself, by being used every time it could or continuously with wordings from a sort of "British-English affectedness".

For instance, if you combine it with "Ah yes,"

  • "Ah yes, I have encountered the phenomenon as well."

In American English this would generally only be done for fun, and is fine in an informal setting. In a formal setting, you might be more likely to avoid it to keep from sounding "weird". Whenever it were used, it would generally stop after a moment of "playing the character who talks like that".

If you kept it going too long and didn't drop it--and went on to "Might you pass the potato salad, perchance?"--it would be over-the-top. :-) But it's fine to do, with awareness. Playful use of variation in language is what keeps us from getting bored using the same sentences all the time.

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