Let me cite an example: Consider the CEO of this website.

She was widely known for the worst website on the internet. (She received awards for the same too).

But still, she is a celebrity but in a comical way. So, is there a word for that? Like, we use "notorious" for negatively famous!

  • "Internet famous" is an expression I see out there. – shawnt00 Feb 25 '16 at 11:24

"Laughingstock" has most of the meaning you want. But a laughingstock is not necessarily famous. A person can be the laughingstock of a small town, and not be known outside that town.

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    The connotation of "laughingstock" is that it was unintentional. If it was on purpose--in order to be famous--the term would not apply. For instance, Psy would not be considered a "laughingstock". – HostileFork says dont trust SE Feb 25 '16 at 3:30

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