If someone asks a question like:

When did you stay here?

Would it be right to say "on Fridays"? Or "on Friday"?


"On Friday" has a different meaning from "On Fridays." "On Friday" in response the question, "When did you stay here?" means "I stayed here last Friday" (or a particular Friday gleaned from the context of the question.) "On Fridays" would indicate a habitual or recurring stay on several Fridays.


Which you use depends on the context. "On Fridays" means recurring action that occurs regularly on a Friday. "On Friday" means a single instance that occurred on a single Friday.

In this context you are asking about a past event, "When did you stay here?" So the most reasonable answer of the two given is, "On Friday".

Now, it is possible that you stayed more than one time, on multiple Fridays. In that case your answer would have to be more specific, something like:

On every Friday in May


On a couple of Fridays last summer.

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