When you refer to a generalized part of a generalized plural noun, should I use "a part" or "parts"?

do you have to use " city names" as "a part/parts" of " commercial addresses"?

This is the only example I could come up with using the "generalized part of a generalized plural noun" formula, so if you have better examples, please help!


Can you help me with the example below, where plural nouns should be used (or at least I think they should be used in this context)?

Please use color names as a part/parts of design titles?

It sounds weird to me, but I can't pinpoint why . Am I misusing plural nouns in this case?

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    I don't think it would occur to native speakers to use plural parts in such contexts. We'd say, for example, "Do you have to use city name as part of a commercial address?" Jul 24, 2013 at 15:09

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A city only has one name, therefore it's name is a singular object. So when you include it in an address, the name is a single "part" of the larger collection.

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