What is a good word to describe someone who is like racist or class-ist or homophobic, but instead whom they don't like is don't like poor people?

I'd like a word that gets the point across with enough truth to be noticable, yet not necessarily be viewed as an attack.


The word you may be looking for is snob.

Someone who is a snob, thinks they are better than others (whether or not they actually are) and can be based on class divisions.

Ever since he bought that fancy new car, he's been a snob about his friends' old cars.

There are intellectual snobs, social snobs, economic snobs, the list goes on...

Another possible word is elitist.

His elitist views of an upper class leaves no room for social mobility.

but tends to be more class related.

A phrase which gets used to separate those who worship profits at any cost is

capitalist pig

and refers to persons who look to enrich themselves at the expense of the (relatively) less advantaged, they usually have a disdain (or no time) for those with less money than themselves. Think The Great Gatsby or The Wolf of Wall Street. Capitalists, especially Darwinian Capitalists, will tend to believe that their success is due to superiority in ability and those with less are of a lesser ability. This should not be confused with the Calvinist belief that earthly success is a sign of God's grace.

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    This is a tough one, because you can be an elitist or snob without having contempt for poor people. For example, if students in the Engineering program refer to another program as Arts & Crafts instead of Arts & Sciences, they're being elitist snobs but that doesn't mean they're looking down on poor folks. It seems like there is a word or phrase out there, but I haven't been able to think of it. Snob is closer than elitist I think. – ColleenV Mar 10 '16 at 22:34
  • I agree with @Colleen - snob can work, but it needs to have enough context around it to work. – J.R. Mar 10 '16 at 23:06
  • My husband suggested bourgeoisie, which doesn't directly capture the meaning, but does have the connotation of being oppressive to the "working class". On the other hand, when it's used in a derogatory way, it's usually about folks acting like they are in a higher social class than they are - see bougie in the urban dictionary. What do you think @J.R.? – ColleenV Mar 10 '16 at 23:37

There is the adjective Snooty

A snooty person is one who specifically dislikes persons that they consider to be inferior - especially of lower class.
It derives from the habit of looking down their nose (their snout) when face to face with such an inferior person.

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