I've found in a Facebook post:

Feeling proud with NNN at someplace

I'm not sure about this "feeling proud with" and what it could mean?

I tried asking at English Language & Usage but it was closed as off-topic.

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    It's probably an overly-shortened (and not particularly idiomatic, imho) was of saying something like I'm at [someplace], and I'm feeling proud because NNN is with me (i.e. - speaker thinks very highly of NNN, and assumes others will think the same and thus look up to her for being in such elevated company). Commented Mar 12, 2016 at 22:27

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That sentence doesn't really make sense on its own. On Facebook, you can add certain tags to your post, and it writes those as a sentence: Feeling [x] to show an emotion. with [person/people] tags one or more people in your status. And at [someplace] tags a location. And then Facebook renders it as in your example: Feeling [x] with [person/people] at [someplace].

The word proud here is most likely related to the following definition of pride, from Merriam-Webster, and not one of the more negative ones.

a feeling of happiness that you get when you or someone you know does something good, difficult, etc.

What the person is proud of is not clearly stated in that sentence alone. It's most likely either something else mentioned in the status, or the person tagged.


I'm hazarding a guess that, in your example, NNN is a triple net lease and the person posting may be an investor (lessor).

The reason someone would feel proud to have an NNN for a particular investment is because only the highest creditworthy tenants can get such a deal, where the tenant is responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance, thereby having some significant advantages flow to the owners/investors. The tenant may get back a certain discount in the base rent as an advantage.

The owner can take pride in the fact that the property in their portfolio is good enough to attract a significant tenant who can afford a triple net lease which should help him to sleep at night, actually for many nights to come.

It would be the same as saying

Feeling proud with my new Ferrari.

Having ownership of something valuable.

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