For example:

Task 1 needs object a.

Task 2 needs object b.

Task 3 needs object c.

If the robot could know the position of object a and c by method 1.

That means the robot use method 1 to prevent running object search module twice.

Therefore, I use times for object search module.

Which usage is correct, or totally not correct:

  1. The robot saves two times of object search by using method 1.

  2. The robot saves two object search times by using method 1.

Thank you~

  • I'm having some trouble figuring out exactly what it is you're asking. Can you give us a bit more information? – John Clifford Mar 14 '16 at 11:47
  • 1
    My guess is that the OP is asking about the the time it takes for the robot to search for something, so if one such "object searches" takes a certain time (let's say 1 second to give it a value) and the robot uses aforementioned "method 1" he saves time. If that is the case, I'd go with sentence 2 (if one such object search times has a fixed value, e.g. 1 second) even though it still is awkwardly phrased. Still, I'm not sure if that is the question. – dukerasputin Mar 14 '16 at 11:52
  • I want to ask how to use "times" word. "two times of object search" is correct or "two object search times" is correct? – sam Mar 14 '16 at 11:53
  • 1
    A possible alternative: The robot saves two object searches by using method 1. – Damkerng T. Mar 14 '16 at 13:36
  • The problem is the word "times". It can mean several very different things - "instances", "period of time" and "multiply". I would avoid it here as it sounds like the latter when paired with "two". – Catija Mar 14 '16 at 13:54

With the additional information provided I would say that "two object search times" would be correct. It is still an awkwardly constructed sentence, better would be something along the lines of: "By using method 1, the robot saves the time it takes to run the object search module twice."

That is because time or times is not something with a specific value (unless you assign it one) when used in this context. Running the search module takes time (be it 1 second or 2 hours) but if the robot runs this module twice it still only takes time not two times. You can use the plural when you say: "the robot runs the object search module 2 times" because then the word time is not used with the meaning of seconds or hours, but rather meaning something like instances or occasions (sorry, I couldn't come up with better synonyms).

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