Is it ok to use the adjective "known" in the following context?

"The first known anatomist was Herophilos"

I mean to say that he is the first anatomist that we know for a moment, but it could be that some day we will discover someone earlier.

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Based on the definition, yes, it's okay:




recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge.

Since the fact stated is based on humankind's current/existing knowledge regarding the identity of the first anatomist, there's no problem regarding the usage. (Hence if the scope of knowledge is updated, what is known shall change accordingly)


That is the correct way to use "known", yes. It directly means that the first anatomist we learned of, until we discover someone earlier, was Herophilos.

You can also say that Herophilos is the first anatomist that we know of, or just simply state that we do not know of any anatomists that practiced that craft before him.

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