The players all had taken a card
The players had all taken a card

Please can you explain the meaning of above sentences and why changing the position of "all"?

  • Not really, it is an adverb in either one. "The players all had taken a card" sounds literary though. Do these phrase have a source/context? – user3169 Mar 16 '16 at 5:39
  • These sentences I have taken from rodney huddlestion's book Cambridge university, page 102, chapter 3verb – Manish Rai Mar 16 '16 at 9:00

I don't see any reason to put all before had in this sentence.

In the second sentence, all is an adverb. it is normal to put an adverb next to the main verb- in this case before the verb:

The players had all taken a card

When used as a pronoun, it is normally used before the auxiliary verb:

All had taken a card

The second sentence sounds wrong because it seems that you have a pronoun following the noun that it represents:

The players all had taken a card

There is actually one more valid option:

All [of] the players had taken a card

  • These sentences, I have taken from Rodney huddlestion's, Cambridge university book, page - 102 verb chapter 3 – Manish Rai Mar 16 '16 at 8:50

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