I came across this phrase on the Internet:

I won't put up with your nonsense. You can be difficult by yourself.

I cannot understand what it means "to be difficult by yourself". Does it mean that "You can't even deal with yourself".

Thanks in advance

  • Basically the same as going into a room by yourself, closing the door, and dealing with your (supposed) nonsense. Basically "keep it to yourself". – user3169 Mar 16 '16 at 20:58

The 'difficult' in this sentence does not mean the usual literal meaning of the word 'difficult'. This sentence means:

"You can be a a pest (a pain in the a**), by yourself. You can be whatever you want, alone, because I can't put up with your behavior. I'm leaving you."

The 'difficult' refers to 'A difficult person', which means:

Somebody who has certain personality or emotional traits which make very difficult to communicate with.

and 'by yourself' simply means 'alone'.

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