But here, I want to use particular case studies to bring out the very different demands that circumstances make on the practice of diplomats. I also want to give some sense of the way in which skilful diplomacy, as well as rashness, excessive caution, and clumsiness, can have important ramifications for the fate of nations.

Does it mean: "I want to give a meaning of the acting forms of skilful diplomacy?"

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When you encounter the collocations give/have/get a/some sense, what the word sense usually means is not "meaning" but "perception"; and the indefinite indeterminer implies a general impression rather than an exhaustive catalog or a precise definition.

I'm getting the sense that he doesn't want me to be involved.
This memoir gives us a sense of what it was like to grow up in Chicago in the fifties.

The way is used here with the very loose meaning of "the course of events". The way in which X happens is more or less equivalent to how X happens, the events and circumstances which lead to X.

So this can be paraphrased as

I want to give you a general impression of how skillful diplomacy can have an effect on the fate of nations.

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