I'm sending a message to my manager. I don't know if I should send the message to her or to my section head. At the bottom of the message I want to apologize to my manager if I've sent the message to the wrong person. I tried this:

If i shouldn't send the message to you, i am sorry,

Is that correct?

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    Remember to capitalize the first-person pronoun I. – snailplane Aug 2 '13 at 8:20

It isn't quite right. It would be more natural to use the present perfect have sent instead of send, and to use this message instead of the message.

If I shouldn't have sent this message to you, I am sorry.

Making these changes makes the sentence grammatically correct. However, there is a more standard way to say what you mean, which may be better.

I apologize if you are receiving this message in error.

  • I wouldn't use "if you are receiving this message in error". That phrase usually implies misaddressing or someone receiving a message that was not sent to them. The message was deliberately sent to the manager, so it's not in error. Perhaps "I apologize if you did not need to receive this message" would be better. – Phil Perry May 20 '14 at 13:19

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