My intention is to say that "I have no free time in the present project".

But I always say "I am totally packed in the present project". Not sure packed is correct word.

Could you guys please tell me what all the other ways I could say I am full busy, in the above scenario.

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    In American English, you would not usually be packed, but your schedule (or life or week, etc.) could be, e.g. Sorry, my calendar is completely packed. To say I am packed would usually be interpreted as metonymy for my bags are packed, whether literally (as before a trip) or figuratively (to indicate that you are prepared to leave something).
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    Apr 6 '16 at 16:58

You could use idioms for this. I'll give you a few suggestions you could use to give the listener an impression that you are extremely busy and cannot spare a second.

  • "I'm slammed with work now."
  • "I'm upto my ears with tasks to complete."
  • “I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at present."
  • "I'm sweating blood to finish this project on time."

Also, you could use an element of humor to convey that you are busy, thereby keeping things pleasant with a mild comedy, say for example,

  • "I'm running around like Santa on Christmas eve."

You could really mix things up and use metaphors that depicts an action or activity that involves being very busy also.

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You could use flat-out:

I am working flat-out on the current project


I am very busy on the current project


If you want to say that you are busy working on the project, you can say 'I am too engrossed in the current project'.

If you mean to say that you are busy on some other work and do not have time to work on the project, you can say 'I am too busy for this project'.

There are other words you can use to describe how busy you are, like 'occupied', 'engaged', etc.

  • "engrossed" is used only about things that capture your interest completely. You would only use it about a project if it was something very unusual or interesting. The normal preposition with "engrossed" is "in"... "engrossed in".
    – JavaLatte
    Apr 6 '16 at 6:49
  • Hmm.. 'Engrossed for' does seem weird. Thanks for pointing out. Changing the second sentence in my answer accordingly. Apr 6 '16 at 6:54

The phrases you are using to describe being busy do not sound correct to me. Let me suggest some alternatives.

I have no free time in the present project -> I have no free time to work on this project

I am totally packed in the present project -> I am totally slammed by this project right now

I am full busy -> I am very busy or I am completely busy

I am not familiar with the term flat out. Personally I would say all out.

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