Source: Assembly Language Step by Step—Programming with Linux, 3rd Edition by Jeff Duntemann (2009)


Understanding that much about borrows gets you most of the way there; but, as life is wont, you will frequently come across a subtraction similar to this...

In particular, it is not all that clear to me what wont really means here. In the dictionary, it says that the adjective wont is used only when spoken of a person and it means accustomed or in the habit of doing something. For example: he was wont to arise at 5:30 every morning. It doesn't really sound like the meaning given in the dictionary is going work here. Maybe there's something I don't understand. Please, be a good sport and help me figure this thing out.

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    It's a poor usage by the author, Duntemann. One could guess he's heard or read the word but doesn't have an adequate understanding of its meaning. The similar sentence As life is accustomed to doing, you will frequently come across... makes little sense either. Apr 7, 2016 at 15:13

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as life is wont
as life has repeated habits

The hint is in the next line of your text

you will frequently come across a subtraction similar to this...

you'll come across it often, since habits repeat in life.

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