Consider this statement:

You need to talk to your partner. You are in this together and you can figure it out. I understand about the cats but rehoming your cats isn't as catastrophic for your family as your death - not by a long long way. The life insurance isn't a substitute for having your around. If you have to declare bankruptcy, then you do - and you will pick up and recover. It isn't the end of the world even though it feels like it right now.

You need to see a doctor about your depression and get some advice on the debt front. Many many many successful business owners have bankruptcy in their past - it is a very common thing. You are not a failure and you can come back from this. Don't think about suicide as an option.

What's the meaning of front in "debt front"?


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"On the X front" is an expression which means "regarding X". In this case it is a very natural way to phrase the sentence.

For example, this sentence can also be written as

You need to see a doctor about your depression, and get some advice regarding your debts.

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